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The following is a list of subscriber mailing lists available at Walter Karl for the business/professional health care industry.

For complete mailing list details -- including pricing, quantity of names, and available selections -- please follow these links to the current data cards.


BioMechanics from CMP Media LLC
Club Industy's Fitness Business Pro from Penton Media

Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro Email from Penton Media
Diagnostic Imaging from CMP Media LLC
Functional Ingredients from Penton Media
Functional Ingredients Email from Penton Media
Homecare from Penton Media
Homecare Email from Penton Media
National Foods Merchandiser from Penton Media
Natural Products Expo EAST from Penton Media
Natural Products Expo WEST from Penton Media
Oncology from CMP Healthcare Media
Oncology News International from CMP Healthcare Media
Psychiatric Times from CMP Media LLC